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Driving to Baja Mexico?

You don’t need to stop at the border to get insurance!! If you are planning to cross the border in to Baja Mexico, just call us or email us your vehicle information (year, make, type) before crossing to give you a quote and we can email you your policy, so you will be covered at the moment you cross, that easy!

What to do in case of accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, you have to report it as soon as possible, to the emergency numbers provided in your insurance ID cards, because here in Mexico, your company’s adjuster, has to go to the scene of the accident, he will assist you, and immediately order the vehicles affected to be fixed or in case of minor injury will give a medical pass. This has to be done at the accident scene to avoid being detained by the police if you were responsible. If there are major injuries and you are responsible, the police might determine that you will be detained even if you have insurance. This means that the District Attorney will determine your legal status. In this case is up to the people injured to drop the injury charges to the District Attorney, it will expedite the process that you are insured and the company will pay for their medical expenses. In this situation is where the legal assistance works for you. If in the accident there is only property damage, you can’t be detained but your car will be impounded if you don’t have proof of insurance and the adjuster orders the car to be fixed at the moment. If there is a dispute on whose responsible or people injured, always call 066 for the police to determine who’s responsible.

24 Hour emergency phone number

Additional to the company’s 24 hour phone line, here at Bernie’s Insurance we provide you also with our own emergency numbers in case of an accident at late hours of the night.